Smoke Alarms to BS 5839 part 6: 2013

Not every building requires a fire alarm system with central panel and detector heads linked to it. Newly built homes and extensions, smaller HMOs, Bed and Breakfasts, let properties and small businesses will usually only require smoke alarms in accordance to BS 5839 part 6 Grade D which requires mains powered and interlinked smoke alarms. The interlink can either be through cable or with radio-interlink. The requirement for mains power can often be overcome by installing 10 year sealed radio-interlinked smoke alarms, although this must be decided on the merits of every case and should be approved by the building inspector or fire safety officer.

1. Example of BS 5839 part 6 grade D system, mains powered with cable interlink

2. Example of Grade D system, mains powered with radio-interlink

3. Example of Quasi Grade D system, 10 year battery life, radio-interlink

All three systems can also be fitted with manual call points

For more details about the other grades within part 6, please visit BS5839 part 6 info page



March 5, 2012[Last updated: April 21, 2016]

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