Community Fire Safety

All Fire and Rescue Services throughout the UK have a policy on community fire safety which involves working with local communities to address fire safety issues in their area. For a long time, they have aimed to educate people about the dangers of fire, using a mixture of approaches.

Fire station staff play a pivotal role in CFS work. Firefighters know which parts of their station’s area have people living or working there who are most at risk from fire. They are best placed to reduce the number of fires through education and getting their key messages across.

They all provided free home fire safety visits and may also fit a free smoke alarm where needed. This can be arranged with your local fire and rescue service, so if you want to be safe and sound contact them immediately. Find out more about this free service by contacting your local fire and rescue service by visiting, telephoning or via their website.

If you would like to instigate a fire safety project in your local area, the Fire and Rescue Service’s community fire safety department would certainly assist you. The Fire Kills website will provide information, publications, posters and leaflets to ensure your project has a professional look. It is not that difficult have a go.

Further Sources

Links to most UK Fire and Rescue Services This is a source of a large number of UK fire and rescue service’s web sites.
Fire Kills WebSite A website full of useful information if you wish to instigate a fire safety project in your area.
Home Fire Safety Check This interactive home fire safety check was developed by the NFCC, FireKills and Safelincs


March 24, 2011[Last updated: February 9, 2022]

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