Free Online Fire Safety Logbook

With automatic email reminders. Suitable for multiple sites.

Free Online Fire Safety Logbook

Businesses and organisations must record their fire safety equipment maintenance and tests. This applies to extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting and other fire safety equipment. Safelincs’ free online fire safety logbook helps you to record maintenance activities and even sends out reminders when checks become due.

100% Safe and Secure

Your data is protected and only accessible by you and the staff members you are assigning for the different parts of the business or the different fire safety activities.


Once you have recorded a test/service and have specified your frequency of inspection, the system will automatically send a reminder when the next activity is due.

Multiple Users

The logbook is suitable for multiple sites and multiple fire safety team members and allows easy delegation of activities while giving you a clear overview of progress.


Your records are safely stored and accessible online but you can also print copies of the fire safety logbook again at no cost.